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Following Jesus

How can I be a Spirit-led follower of Jesus? 

Be with Jesus

 Become like Jesus

Do what Jesus did

The Bible gives us a clear process that Jesus used to help his followers learn what it means to make knowing and following Jesus the center of their lives. These three things will help you in the process of knowing and following Jesus, or what we like to call, “being a spirit-led follower of Jesus,”  


These three things are often depicted as a triangle - Up, In, Out.  

Up = growing your personal relationship with Jesus. 

In = growing in relationship with other Christians.

Out = building relationships with people who don’t believe in Jesus.   

Be With Jesus

Your personal devotional life

  • Jesus spent time alone with his heavenly Father; time in prayer and meditation, reflecting on God’s Word, God’s kingdom, God’s mission.  


  • Learning spiritual practices will help you develop a deep and vibrant devotional life and connect more deeply with Jesus.  


  • You can’t know and love someone if you don’t spend time with them. Just as you would get to know a friend, that’s how we spend time with Jesus.  

Become Like Jesus

Growth and transformation happens best in relationship

  • DNA groups - This looks like 2-3 people who help each other grow as spirit-led followers of Jesus. 


  • Home Groups - These are 6-12 people who meet regularly and have spiritual conversations about life, faith, and following Jesus.  


  • Retreats, Bible Study and Worship - larger gatherings of Christians who work together as followers of Jesus.   

Do What Jesus Did

Living your life for God’s purposes

  • Sharing the grace and truth of Jesus with people who don’t know him.  

  • Partnering with other Christians in loving and serving our neighbors.  

  • Building relationships with all people.

  • Serving the impoverished, marginalized, and vulnerable. 

Are you unsure or skeptical about

Jesus and Christianity? 

That’s okay. Life, spirituality, and faith in God isn’t always black and white, but Jesus makes bold claims about Himself, and we invite you to check out who Jesus claims to be and consider what it might mean if it is true.  

Our invitation for you is to read the Gospel of John and see what you think about what Jesus does and says. We would love to talk with you about what you discover; your thoughts, questions and ideas.

What if I come to believe in Jesus?  

Next steps are important! We would like to invite you to consider three things

Get connected to a local church

Get connected to other followers of Jesus

Get baptized

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