In Person Worship

Help us stay safe and worship together in person by following the county guidelines for places of worship! 

Wear a mask at all times

Social distance from others

Make sure to RSVP

Check in at the door

RSVP for In Person Worship

  • Sun, Apr 25
    Redwood City
    Apr 25, 5:00 PM
    Redwood City, 468 Grand St, Redwood City, CA 94062, USA
    If you are in 8th or 9th grade and wish to be confirmed, please RSVP and join us for this special confirmation service! If you are a family or church member that would like to come to the service, we would love to have you join us, please RSVP here!
  • Sun, May 09
    Redwood City
    May 09, 9:00 AM
    Redwood City, 468 Grand St, Redwood City, CA 94062, USA
    Join us for Church In Person at Redeemer for Mother's Day! Don't forget to wear a mask!

April Worship Schedule

We will not be hosting in person worship every Sunday in April. Check out the schedule below to see when you can come to in person worship.


We need your help setting up, checking people in, sanitizing and more. Join a SENT team today!

Redeemer's In-Person Worship Protocols

Full List of Redeemer's Protocols for In Person Worship

Chairs will be sanitized after every use. Attendees will be instructed to sit with individuals in their household 6 feet away from people from other households designated seating areas. For indoor services every other pew will be blocked off in order for households to maintain a 6-foot distance from each other. Our RSVP and check-in software through RSVPify will keep our services at 25% capacity and keep record of those in attendance for close contact tracing if the situation arises. (A close contact only needs to be traced if someone “stayed within 6 feet of the person with COVID-19 for 10 minutes or more while the person with COVID-19 was not wearing a face mask” per county guidelines. Therefore, no contact tracing should be necessary if all members adhere to wearing masks and staying socially distanced as outlined. In the event that someone alerts us that they attended our worship service and test positive for COVID-19 soon after we will work with according to San Mateo county guidelines to contact trace We will reserve 10 seats in case we have attendees show up who forgot to RSVP- once those 10 spots are filled we will ask people to view from home and RSVP for the following service. At the check in station a sign will be posted asking 2 questions that volunteers will be trained to ask them to read the questions and answer, and then fill their name into a check in software on a laptop or ipad. Have you or anyone you come into contact with anyone tested positive for COVID 19 in the past two weeks? Have you had any symptoms of COVID 19 in the past two weeks? (cough, nausea, loss of taste or smells, fever, headaches, etc) All volunteers will be trained and ready to help keep the in person worship experience safe, clean & disinfected, and concurrent with county guidelines. We will provide extra disposable masks for volunteers or attendees that forget to bring one. Sanitation stations will be set up at entrances and exits. Services will be limited to 45-60 minutes or less. During watch parties or indoor activities every window and door will be propped open to increase airflow. No self-serve coffee, food, or drinks will be served. If we have any refreshments or treats they will be packaged individually to go. If communion is served we will only use single serve cups to distribute the elements in order to limit physical touch and cross contamination. Worship band members will wear masks and maintain a 6-foot distance from other musicians and congregation members. The amount of musicians and sound technicians will be limited to maintain safety, limit exposure, and to have enough room to distance them in the designated area for worship musicians. If outdoors, only the worship leader or pastor can sing/speak without a mask, and will be separated from other musicians and congregation members by a 12 foot distance per county guidelines. Signage and floor stickers will be posted throughout the area of worship to remind people to maintain social distance, keep a mask on, and sanitize often. We will be utilizing digital bulletins through QR code, with some printed versions for those who cannot use their device to minimize physical contact. No offering plates will be passed. There will be an offering box with a slot for people to drop their gifts into without physically touching. At the end of the service will excuse congregants to leave by row. Bathrooms will be available for use. Worshippers will be able to use the school bathrooms off of the lunch courtyard area which are deeply sanitized and cleaned according to country guidelines. Per county guidelines we will not be holding any in person RedeemerKIDS activities. These activities will remain only through the summer. Children below are in preschool or below do not have to wear masks. School aged children must wear masks. This is in concurrence with Redeemer School’s mask policy.

What to Expect When you Arrive for a Watch Party in the Sanctuary

-Enter through the main doors on Grand Street -There will be a check in station where you will be verbally checked for symptoms and exposure -Choose a pew to sit with only your household -Every other pew will be roped off to keep a 6 foot distance between households -A pastor will welcome you and we will watch the entire online service on the LED screen together, and then a pastor will give a blessing to end the service. -We will dismiss you by row to exit the sanctuary

San Mateo County Resources

All of these implementations and regulations come directly from the San Mateo county guidelines for Places of Worship which are outlined on their website. Click on the following links to read and review:

What to Expect When you Arrive for Worship Outdoors

-Park in the Main Lot -There will be a check in station at the iron gate school entrance where you will be verbally checked for symptoms -Find a seat for your household to sit together -You can sing along and enjoy the service with your mask on -We will dismiss you by row to exit to get to your cars

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